Sales & Acquisitions

SCI’s Sales Process

  1. Planning: You will be advised on what it takes to sell a business and consider whether to take the next step.
  2. Business Valuation: You will get a Business Valuation and a Tax Impact Assessment.
  3. Commitment: You will Review Your Decision to Sell & Consider the Sale Strategies (How much, to Whom, When & How?).
  4. Team: You will Need a Good Team including Legal & Tax Advisors.
  5. Sale Strategy: We will Assess what have You got to offer – Why would anyone buy your business? – Financial, Market & Operations Analysis.
  6. Buyer Analysis: You will receive our Identified Logical Buyers, Reasons & Ranking.
  7. Pricing & Terms: You will be advised on the Structure of Optimal Sale Price and Terms.
  8. Housekeeping: We will help you get the Records and Due Diligence Package in order.
  9. Value Enhancement: You will need to Implement Changes needed to Enhance the Market Value.
  10. Marketing Tactics : We will Map-out Distribution Scope & Channels.
  11. Information Memorandum – The Emphasis will be on the Future.
  12. Marketing Implementation – We will Search & Contact Buyers.
  13. Buyers Qualification: We will Assess the Motivation, Capability & Compatibility of the Buyers.
  14. Site Visits: We will oversee the vists by prospective buyers.
  15. Buyer Questions: We will hamdle the questions from the buyers.
  16. Letter of Intent: Structuring & Negotiations.
  17. Agreement of Purchase & Sale: We will assist your legal team.
  18. Due Diligence: We will Control and Monitor the Due Diligence.
  19. Closing & Documentation: We will assist your legal team.
  20. Transition: We will assist with transition issues.

Avoid Blunders in Acquisitions

  • Do you know the business you are about to buy?
  • Do you know how the revenue is generated, expenses incur and what influences the cash flow?
  • Is there a pricing flexibility? What is the profit margin?
  • Have you thoroughly checked the operating history?
  • Do you know the long-term prospect?
  • Do you know the competition and market?
  • How is the management? Honesty, Depth & Ability?
  • How is the management-employees relation?
  • What is the ROE without undue leverage and/or creative accounting?
  • Is your due diligence comprehensive and complete?
  • Is it asset heavy?
  • Are your assumptions aggressive or inconsistent to justify the projected financial return?