Market Development

Market Research & Strategy

Deliver concise, customized and to-the-point market information to make a better-informed decision regarding a market entry or an expansion.

Mapping the relevant market players (competitors and partners), identifying market trends, price levels, as well as identifying needs and requirements of end-users; by performing desk-research as well as interviewing industry experts. Based on our findings we help to define our clients’ position vis-à-vis competitors and their products in certain markets in order to ensure a successful market approach.

Trade Agency

Sales & representation

Acquiring key-customers -Targeting companies, identifying and approaching the relevant decision-makers within these organizations.

Partners & Investors Search

Difficulties arise in finding a reliable partner and later in organizing and maintaining a successful cooperation. 

Establishing local partnerships -Selecting potential partners in order to set up sales channels, approaching:

Teaming up with local partners enables companies to tap into local networks while benefiting from existing goodwill and relations.