Venture Abroad

SCI is dedicated to providing services in global talent development, international market development, venture acceleration and investment to international entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking to capture new opportunities abroad.  Our business is to bring you opportunities in new ventures, new markets, new locations, new customers and new partners.

More and more enterprises are venturing beyond their national borders for new opportunities in markets, technologies, investments and human resources.  Canada and Asia offer each other tremendous opportunities and yet many are unexplored or under-exploited.  Our mission is to bridge this gap and create linkages for successful cooperative ventures between the two continents.

Our approach in business is to be innovative, results-driven and entrepreneurial towards the opportunities and challenges facing our clients.  We develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ companies and business, so that we can best maximize their strengths.  We work as a specifically focused, strategic partner to ensure the goals and objectives are achieved.

SCI has various professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the cross border business, technology, international trade, financing, partner search, and real estate fields.  We have an established network of key players in businesses, venture ecosystem, financial institutions, governments and research centres.  We also work closely with various professionals in law, taxation, communications and marketing to provide efficient and effective services to our clients.

Intelligence, anticipation and speed are definite competitive advantages.  We will provide you with these competitive advantages while you focus on your core business.  Our experts are on top of the latest trends, perceptive of new opportunities and are proficient in dealing with international transactions.  We will save you time and costs in capturing new markets and new opportunities.

SCI will bring you the expertise to capture the right opportunities, take you closer to your customers, bring you knowledge of the local market, resolve the challenges faced in the unexplored markets and find you the right partners to be successful in the transnational ventures.

SCI works with innovative companies in technology, education, information, interactive media, automotive, communications, energy and creative industries.