Cross Cultural Training

Go Global Training

Arm yourself and your enterprise with the cross-cultural training to help you work more effectively internationally with people of different backgrounds.

If you’re working in a fast paced, global business, no doubt you will attract talent from all over the world. A diverse workforce can be a competitive advantage, but only when your people are armed with the right training to understand cultural perspectives and expectations. Our program allows global leaders, managers and individuals to understand and leverage cultural differences, creating more productivity and breakthrough collaboration.

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers understand the cross-cultural challenges businesses face today. They deliver engaging and impactful learning experiences that are supported by practical experience and business insights.

Training Agenda

  • Cross Cultural Strategies for Global Business
  • Effective Workplace Skills for Cross Cultural Communication
  • Managing Cross Cultural Negotiations
  • Resolving Conflicts Across Cultures
  • Multicultural Sales and Customer Service
  • Global Presentation Skills
  • Doing Business Across Cultures (focus on a specific country or region)

Cultural Awareness Training for Specific Regions – North America & Asia

Cultural awareness training for North America and Asia explores cultural differences that impact on the way business is conducted and people managed in different North American and Asian countries. It aims to move beyond stereotypes to provide a source of useful, relevant and up-to-date information and advice for those new to working in North America and Asia, or those who need to know more about a particular country or countries.