Going Public Consulting


IPO – Initial Public Offering

RTO – Reverse Take Over

CPC – Capital Pool Company

SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Dual Listing

Benefits of Going Public:

  • Liquidity / Exit for current shareholders and employees
  • Easier & resilient access to capital markets & investors
  • Utilize shares for M&A instead of cash
  • Attract and keep quality employees
  • Reduce dilution on subsequent offerings
  • Increase company awareness

Are you ready to take your company public?

  • Are you building a robust and enduring business?
  • Growth: Can you show the evidence of a strong, healthy and thriving business? Revenue growth rates above 30% in the two forecasted years after the IPO?
  • Revenue at Scale: Can you grow at scale and is it sustainable? $100 Million plus?
  • Cash: Access to more resilient capital (among other factors) is the primary reason many companies want to do an initial public offering. Yet the “worst” time to do an IPO is when you actually need the money to continue funding the business. Public investors want to see that the company already has enough cash on its balance sheet to fund the business to breakeven. Ideally, the proceeds from an IPO would provide reserves to fund an even higher revenue growth rate, reinforcing an already strong balance sheet.
  • Profitability: Free Cash Flow, Net Income or EBITDA? Regardless of the metric, investors want to see a clear path to near-term profitability.
  • Market Size: Do you have a credible evidence of wide-open, huge, total addressable markets (TAM)?
  • Competitive Landscape: Who are the competitors — directly, indirectly, adjacently, up and down the stack? Can you show how you will be the winner?
  • Products: Can you show that you won’t be a one-hit wonder?
  • Unit Economics: How good is your unit maregin? Can you sustain that even under pressure from competition, powerful customers and supply constraints?
  • Leadership: Public investors want to invest in companies with leadership teams they feel like they know and trust. How are the company’s historical financials and performance? How did you gain market share? Do you understand what levers got you there? Can you articulate a vision for the company’s future?
  • Strong Sales & Marketing Head?
  • Sound Financial Operations?
  • Policies and Procedures in place?
  • Skeletons Check done?
  • Strong and diverse board?

We Can Help You Prepare & Succeed

  • Going Public Education
  • Financial Forecasting | Due Diligence Prep. | CFO Service
  • Business Plan & Presentation Preparation
  • Underwriters/Dealers & Selection
  • Securities Lawyer Selection
  • Auditor-Accounting Firm Selection
  • Investor Relations Firm Selection
  • Market Maker Program
  • Governance, Operations & Documentation