Business Valuations

When should You call us for Valuation?

  • Succession Planning
  • Management Buyout
  • Exit by Merger
  • Partners/Shareholders Buyout
  • Growing by Acquisitions
  • Unsolicited Offers from Private Equity or Strategic Buyers

Why should you do a valuation?

You may be Losing Out on the Best Deal!

  • Opportunity to view from the outside
  • Opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses for improvement
  • Achieve best possible price
  • Identify optimal negotiation strategies
  • Groundwork documentation for due diligence


  1. Information Gathering
  2. Documents Gathering
  3. On-site Interviews
  4. Industry Analysis
  5. Company Analysis
  6. Management Analysis
  7. Financial Analysis: Ratios/Performance against Benchmarks
  8. Recasting: depreciation, amortization, owner’s salary, extraordinary items, non-recurring
  9. Financial Projections
  10. Discounted Cash Flow
  11. Capitalization of Earnings/Cash flow
  12. Market Comparable
  13. Final Valuation
  14. Recommendations