Business Advisors

Ray Simonson – CEO, Glove Systems

Mr. Simonson is a technology industry executive and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Glove Systems, Chairman of Golden Rock Products and the Founder of Coreworx. Mr. Simonson serves on several boards of public and private companies and organizations.

Tong Hahn, B.Eng., M.Sc – President Canahahns Limited

Mr. Hahn is an executive and entrepreneur in real estate development. He is currently the President of Canahans Company which is active in multi-residential and commercial real estate development. Mr. Hahn received B.Eng. from the University of Toronto and M. Sc. from the MIT.

Steve Kim, B.Eng, MBA – EVP, Samsung C&T

Mr. Kim is a global industry executive. He is currently the EVP, Samsung C&T and CEO of Whessoe Engineering based in London UK. Mr. Kim’s global experience includes Saudi Aramco and Exxon Mobil. Mr. Kim holds a B.Eng. degree from the University of Alberta and MBA from the University of Hull.

David Moon, JD, MBA – President, Investintech Inc.

Mr. Moon is a technology industry executive and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Inc. and Inc. and VP, Strategy of Tevosol Technologies. Mr. Moon received BA in History from McGill University and JD (Juris Doctor) and MBA from the University of Toronto.

Tae-Jin Kang, BA, M.Sc – CEO, Insignary

Mr. Kang is a technology industry executive and entrepreneur. He is the president and CEO of Insignary and CEO of Secure Planet. In addition to founding a number of successful technology companies, Mr. Kang has held senior management positions with global technology leaders that include Korea Telecom and Samsung Electronics, among others.

Paul Koidis, BA – CEO, RZR Public

Mr. Koidis is an education and public television professional. He is currently the CEO of RZR Public and Campaign Director, Canada for WNED TV / PBS. In the past, Mr. Koidis served as Associate Dean of Media, Arts and Design at Georgian College and Durham College.

Jang Min Choi, M.Sc – Deputy Secretary General, Korea Defense Diplomacy

Colonel Choi is the Deputy Secretary General of the Korea Defense Diplomacy Association and advisor to provincial and municipal governments in Korea. Colonel Choi served as Professor at the National Security College and the Korea National Defense University. Colonel Choi served as Defence Attache of Republic of Korea to Canada and is a graduate of the Korea Air Force Academy and also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Oregon State University. Colonel Choi was a fighter jet pilot for the Korean Air Force.