Attracting CEOs to Events

CEOs are looking for:

  1. new cutting-edge ideas, new trends & new opportunities
  2. new leads, new connections and reconnections
  3. laugh, fun and uplifting inspiration
  4. recognition for accomplishments from peers and industry


  1. Compelling Purpose       Topic | Network | Energize | Celebrate | Heard
  2. Good Speakers                Entertaining | Engaging | Experienced |
  3. WOW Venue                      Private Club| Golf Club |Gourmet Food | Drinks
  4. Classy Staff                      Pleasant | Professional | Attractive
  5. Communication                Invitation Letter | Digital Flyer |
  • Think Disney! Execute Like Disney!

None of this happens without effective communication:

In both business and in life, the process of learning is not just about developing new ideas, techniques or processes. It’s about effectively communicating them with the clarity, energy, authority and humor that creates retention and facilitates implementation.

Ideas that have the power to transform, along with the inspiration and laughter that smooth life’s journey, can only be delivered effectively by people with superb communication skills.  It’s not enough to inform…we must also engage, energize and inspire!