Pathways to Good Jobs in Canada and Globally

SCI is in the race to reimagining the future of higher education and creating new pathways from education to employment. SCI is found to make higher education more affordable, pioneering new approaches to learning, and helping employers think differently about how and where they discover talent.

SCI is helping to shape the 21st century market for human capital development. Between spending on traditional higher education, private lessons and corporate training, over $5 trillion is spent annually in the world.

As the talent needs of our economy change, the human capital development market must change as well, or economic growth will suffer. Employers won’t be able to find the talent they need to do the jobs of today and tomorrow. Skill gaps will form. Individuals will find themselves investing in education and training that don’t directly address employer needs, resulting in unnecessary unemployment or underemployment.

Better aligning human capital development with the needs of the economy is a massive opportunity for every national economy and their people. Harnessing new technologies and new business models, SCI is reimagining human capital development in order to propel economic growth and improve economic security for all global citizens.

By focusing on the weaknesses and missing elements of the traditional schools, we will bridge the gap between traditional higher education and employer needs. We will explore and adopt outsourced apprenticeship programs, income share programs, and bootcamps to provide faster + cheaper pathways to good jobs for young students, and for older workers who require reskilling.

We will enable the employers to shift from pedigree/degree-based hiring to competency-based hiring. We will deploy new technologies, products, and services that identify individuals’ relevant competencies and make them visible to employers (e.g., digital credentials, e-portfolios, competency-based assessments) and improve the efficiency of the human capital development market.

Bridging the Gap – Cultural & Soft Skills

Over the years, Canada has welcomed millions of highly educated immigrants and international students that were seeking employment in their field of expertise. The reality has been that most of them are under-employed or are in unrelated low skill jobs.

This is a huge economic loss to Canada.

By focusing on the gaps in cultural skills and Canadian experience, we will bridge the gap and help well qualified job seekers pursue their choice of profession. We will explore and adopt apprenticeship programs, outsourcing contracts and visionary-employer partnerships.